Last week on Wednesday, I attended the radio show that takes place from 1:15 to 1:45 every week. Although it is primarily a radio show, they also had a live feed set up to the website. I went for the extra credit offered, however, I also went because I genuinely have an interest in every aspect of journalism. Also, when you first enter the journalism school, they throw all these opportunities and programs at you, that it is very overwhelming. When I first entered college I thought I would have all this time to experience every single program the journalism school had to offer, despite it seem overwhelming. However, that has not been the case so I was very happy to go to this radio show to get a new experience. Before hand I read the article “ Top Ten Myths about Radio Syndication” to gain more insight about the field of radio (

I went the day after the presidential election so the format of the show was quite different as the three commentators focused in on the sudden change of events. The three hosts of the show were professors in the journalism school and their knowledge was evident. They provided to be very skillful commentaries, both prodding each other with questions while proving their own point respectfully. The conversation flowed effortlessly from point to point, with the majority of commentary revolving around the shock of Trump’s surprise election and how the media got it wrong.

Overall, I found the experience very enriching and just once again reaffirmed that I want to be a journalist in any form after graduation. Although, the topic was a charged one, one I could write blog upon blog about, I looked past it to really focus on the work that goes into a radio show. Upon reflection, I realized the show was obviously meant to for radio judging by the clumping of the commentator’s chairs and the bulky microphones the commentators used. It was designed to produce better sound not be visually appealing.